Grant Application & Guidelines

  • All teachers in K-12 systems in the New Prague Area School District are eligible to apply.
  • Projects should show measurable impact & outcomes—clearly state the objectives of the project and outline the methods of accomplishing your objective.
  • All materials should be appropriate and approved for school use.
  • Proposals must include a detailed & reasonable budget outlining all costs involved.
  • Submissions need to reflect involvement of others (school, students, parents, volunteers and other community members) where appropriate.
  • State any long-term, positive impact this project will have, especially on members of the school, staff, etc.
  • Show how the project is realistic, innovative, creative, educational, and fun.
  • How many students are impacted by the project?
  • The expected outcome from the project—is it measurable?
  • Does it enhance student experiences and curriculum service delivery?
  • Does the level of innovation and creativeness of the request enrich existing services and programs?
  • Is it cost effective?
All applications will be categorized in accordance with their education level—elementary, middle and high school—and must support approved academic curricula.
  • Renovation of facilities
  • Capital equipment (such as CD players, video cameras, computer hardware and software unless they are an integral part of a proposed innovative activity)
  • Tuition for academic degree programs or classes
  • Supplanting school budget items
  • Mandated programs / activities
  • Trips, unless they are an integral part of a proposed innovative activity
  • Sports programs (unless it is a part of a health & wellness program)
Grant applications from teachers, staff and students will be reviewed by the Foundation every month. Please have your application submitted by the first Monday of the month for review in that month. Funds are allocated to projects at individual schools as well as to programs that can be incorporated throughout the district. Grant requests of $2,500 or more must be presented in person to the NPAEF Board of Directors. Please contact us at [email protected] if you need more information.
In order to qualify for a grant, projects will:
  1. Provide an innovative learning experience
  2. Include unique components that expand learning potential
  3. Have clear objectives, methods, procedures and evaluation