Give NP Day

The New Prague Area Education Foundation’s goal is "To build a legacy that promotes a community of innovative, lifelong learners."  To help achieve this goal for 2024, the foundation held its 1st ever “Give NP Day” campaign to raise money for High School Senior Scholarships and PreK-12th grade Classroom Grants.  Give NP Day was designed to raise as much money as possible in one day from alumni, parents, community members and even students. 


A social media campaign run by the foundation raised approximately $17,500 on Wednesday, April 24th!  The goal for the first year was $20,000, however, another goal was to educate, teach and reach as many people about the foundation and what it stands for.  We believe we were able to achieve this goal with over 100 people from the community pledging dollars to the campaign.  


There were two $3,000 anonymous donors who helped get the campaign started along with student donations totaling over $2,400. This was a community event that will go a long way towards promoting a community of innovative, lifelong learners. 


On Wednesday, May 8th, over $10,000 of that $17,500 raised will be given out to High School Seniors at the Honors Night in the form of scholarships.  Each and every dollar raised goes directly back to the kids of our Public and Private schools within New Prague.


If you are interested in donating to the Foundation, please visit the New Prague Area Education Foundation website at anytime at: